M-Cord base-openstack-tosca-loader problem

Hi everyone,
i’am new at m-cord. After several tries, i finally managed to bring up helm-openstack and now i’m facing the real m-cord installation. However i have a problem while bringing up xos-profiles/base-openstack chart. Looking at pod’s logs i found out that the problem is with base-openstack-tosca-loader when trying to push into xos-tosca some recepies. In particular the error is:
ImportError: Import “custom_types/deployment.yaml” is not valid.
ImportError: Import “custom_types/sitedeployment.yaml” is not valid.

Actually i do not know either where i can find those files or in case i find them how i should correct them(as they are said to be not valid).

Is there anyone how has some suggestion?
Thank you.

Hi Alessio,
It has been a while since we bring up MCORD but I remember the Openstack chart being especially difficult to make work (even on x86_64). It is hard for me to tell what might be wrong without knowing what instructions you are following and the place where the error is triggered. Nevertheless, I recommend checking out SEBA (https://www.opennetworking.org/seba/). I’m not sure if the SEBA stack contains all the functionality you require (it’s based on RCORD) but it has removed the dependency on Openstack and is actually much easier to deploy and manage.