CORD file system structure

This is the proposed file system structure for the project. We will extract out the various repos from the official project at and from and we will persist a version of the source trees in our repos. This way, if the parent repos ever go away, we can always rebuild from source code.

Any changes that we need to make to source code will have a corresponding patch generated and applied.

And we rather than force all code to build in one location on the user’s home directory (~/), we will build in the “build” sub folder under framework, which can be anywhere on the developer’s disk.

[CORD root]

  • -framework
    • build
    • src
      • onos
      • xos-rest-gw
      • cord-vnaas
      • cord-vsg-hw
      • cord-templateservice
      • cord-kubernetes-service
      • cord-sdn-controller
      • cord-internetemulator
      • cord-hss_db
      • xos-sample-gui-extension
      • xos-gui
      • xos
      • cord-vtr
      • cord-vEE
    • patches
    • scripts
    • tests
  • docs

@srk, I talked with @kris today about maybe getting @jimmy some help with the CD side of this and with testing things out. Any chance we can get some help with it? Right now, it’s just Jimmy and me working on this.


Sure Ash.

Please share specific details on what needs to be done so that we can get started. We can also connect based on your convenience.

With Best Wishes,

If you can DM or email public keys to me, I’ll add them to the CI server.

I’m currently working on building all CORD-related containers on our ARM CI server. This is going pretty well. The next step would be to bring up the containers and do some basic CORD tests to make sure things are working well. If you guys could start looking into writing a simple docker-compose file that brings up the services (in x86 to use already existing images) that would be huge help.

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Sent the public key via email.

With Best Wishes,

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Thanks! Adding them now.

@jimmy - We can write a docker-compose file. Can you please let us know the services which needs to brought up?

If you want, we can sync up once tomorrow morning your time, so that its easy for both of us. I am based out of India and I am 5 hours 30 minutes ahead of GMT.


@srk & @Manojawa, you should both be able to access via ssh. Your usernames are subba and manoj, respectively.

The services needed are the ones described here:

Syncing up sounds like a great idea. I am 4 hours behind GMT. Does 12PM GMT work for you?

@jimmy - Thank you for link !

Yes, 12:00 pm GMT works for us. It would be 5:30 pm on for us.

@ash - Thank you Ash !

We will check and get back if we have any issues.

Thank you Ash. We can access via ssh.


@jimmy - I have sent you a zoom meeting request, to your cachengo email id.